We know that you come back to us for seeing more dog and cat photos. Some of you who simply love cats do everything for them. But today we ask you, would you pay a professional animal photographer for capturing stunning photographs of your feline? One Reddit user did pay a professional photographer and shared the pictures on the Internet of a Kazmir cat.

Hiptoro reached out Sarah Bourque, the professional pet photographer from Canada who took the pictures of Kazmir, to understand what it was like to work with the cat and capture her.

“I was pleasantly surprised when Kazmir’s mom posted the pet portraits we took at his photoshoot on Reddit and it got such a positive response. He’s a handsome fellow,” Sarah told us.

A Reddit user posted pics of their cat Kazmir from a professional photoshoot outdoors in Canada

The photos were very popular and people wanted to know who the photographer was

Professional photographer Sarah Bourque told us that Kazmir was a wonderful model

“We took these cat photos on a blustery afternoon in January. We’d had some stormy weather but the sun peaked out just in the nick of time for us,” Sarah went into detail about the photoshoot. “I met Kazmir and his mom and dad at a local park where I knew there would be some lovely quiet spots for us to use.”

“Kazmir was used to being outside and was in his harness with a leash. We wanted him to be safe and comfortable so his personality would shine through. (I removed the leash and harness with photoshop so no one would know the cute cat was wearing it.)”

The photoshoot happened at a local park

Sarah complimented the cat and said that he was a “wonderful model,” had a “lovely personality,” and loved to explore.

“So, basically, I just followed him around like his personal paparazzi. We would guide him in the direction we wanted him and then I’d go up ahead and crouch down so I could get the photos as he approached.”

The photographer pointed out that it was very easy to photograph Kazmir. “I live on Vancouver Island and my pet photography is primarily out in nature, so I’m never lacking good photo spots or backgrounds.”

According to the photographer, taking snaps of Kazmir was very easy

“The park we went to has a lovely area with moss-covered rocky perches to sit and across the street is the beach. We decided to do both locations for extra variety. I like to keep things simple and stay as close to eye level with my subject as possible. I want them to be at ease and happy.”

There were a lot of great backgrounds at the park for the pics

So, Sarah spent a lot of time laying and crawling in the grass as she snapped photos of the cat. “I find cats are natural posers, we let him find spots to perch in the area where the light was prettiest and then I would take photos from a variety of angles and get in nice and close. This usually lasts a few seconds before they tire of my shenanigans and move on. Luckily I’m quick so a few seconds is all I need!”

Photographer Sarah went as far as crawling to take the best possible photos of the cat

“It can be tricky to get a cat to look at the camera so we use toys, noisemakers and I get the families to bring along their favorite treats. Never underestimate the power of shaking a container of treats!” the photographer shared her pro tips for professional cat photography.

You can get a cat’s attention with the help of toys and treats

The Reddit user said that they’re very happy they paid for the professional photoshoot

Sarah told us that she first picked the camera when she was 11 years old. She absolutely loves her job. “Initially, it was my hobby, but 2 years ago I was able to make the leap to being a full-time pet photographer. My dogs Walter and Rupert are my muses so they got the business named after them (Wally & Roops).”

The photographer revealed that being behind the camera is her happy place and she’s “smitten” with all of her models. “From zoomy puppies to stoic seniors, from aloof cats to llamas or chickens, they are all incredible and I love being able to capture their unique personalities. I also love the interactions with the families, we are all animal lovers so we tend to spend the photoshoot sharing stories and having a laugh.”

People loved Sarah’s photos of Kazmir the cat!