All dogs in the world are the best dogs. They love their human, give them respect and always are the human’s best buddies. In everything good and bod, they are there to cheer you up. All they need in return is some love and care which you can at least give them. Some dog owner takes extra effort to make their pets happy.

Finn, a beautiful Golden Retriever is a lucky boy.  His mama did something unique to make him happy when he had to deal with a cone.

He is a good dog who is easygoing, loves cuddling with his mama, and is always full of energy.

“He was not thrilled to wear the cone, but did so begrudgingly,” Jenn Frates, Finn’s mom, told Hiptoro.

Frates solution of deigning the cone every day for two weeks did do the trick of diverting Finn’s attention from it.

The idea with making these cones was to divert Finn’s attention from the cone. The woman did an excellent job, and gave an example to dog owners for future help.

After Frates started to share cute photographs of  Finn and his cones, they went viral. People loved his mom’s ideas for taking care of Finn.

“I’m glad it’s put a smile on so many faces in such a dreary year,” Frates said. “I loved reading the comments that said, ‘I needed to see this today,’ or ‘This is exactly what we need to see this year.’ Warmed my heart!”