When a person has no reason to doubt their partner’s faithfulness, it makes no sense to ask for a paternity test for their children together. However, this woman’s husband of 11 years has done just that for each of their three children.

u/ThrowRa262920 asked for help in the “embarrassing” situation on the relationship advice subreddit, but her post and account have since been deleted.

She wrote,

This upsets me every time he does this. After I give birth he requests a paternity test to ensure the babies are his, of course all the tests come out to him being the father. He has been my first and only man I ever slept with, I was a virgin until I got married. We’ve been married for 11 years now.


We both wanted 3 kids and we are done have children now. This is the only thing he does that really irks me. I gave birth to our third child last month.

He knows I would never cheat on him, he says he does this as a precaution and every man should do this,

OP continued.

He says he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night unless if he has biological proof even though he knows I would never do this to him. His biggest fear is raising someone else’s kid, this fear comes from a personal experience that happened to a very close family friend of his. His family friend raised a child for his whole life not knowing he wasn’t the father until that child took an ancestry when he has in his 20s.


I understand his concerns although this is just insulting and embarrassing every-time he does this and it does hurt my feelings. I know I should just let this go but it does bother me,

u/ThrowRa262920 concluded.

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In a follow-up comment, she said that they talked about the tests he wanted.

Not everyone agreed with the agreement that was made, which is even more suspicious now that her account and post have been deleted.