An Oregon woman is facing assault charges for punching her boyfriend twice after he left her dog outside in the rain. We know what we know so far about this situation.

The arrest report of a woman named Melissa was released by the sheriff’s office. When she found out that her boyfriend had left her dog outside in the rain, she was angry.



According to the report, she punched her boyfriend in the face two times when she was having a conversation with him. Police arrived at the scene and found the boyfriend with a scratch on his eyebrow.



Since the report was released, there have been hundreds of comments on what dog owners would have done. You are likely to see a lot of comments with differing opinions on the subject when scrolling through the comments on The Coo’s County Sheriff Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Here are some comments:

“Good for her, l think l would get rid of the boyfriend.”

“People need to protect their kids the way this lady protects her dog. With that said, I think it’s crazy some of you think the man should be in jail for cruelty. It’s raining, I’m sure the dog is fine, but it doesn’t say how cold or how long the dog was left out. I do have to admire how much this woman loves her dog though.”

“Guaranteed if it was the other way around and she left his dog out and got punched for it there would be uproar!!! I’m glad she loves her dog but double standards spring to mind!!”

“I’d punch myself in the face if I left my pup outside in the rain.”

“I mean… I’ve accidentally left my dogs outside when it started raining but I always go and get them when it starts. But if someone did it on purpose and he was my S/O, he’d no longer be my S/O but I wouldn’t hit him over it. Too many people are willing to commit domestic violence these days. “

“She looks so pleased with herself. Bravo!”

“Where can I donate for her defense fund?????”


Dog lovers around the country are divided on how they feel about their actions. What do you think?