Cher Herrera and her family were looking after a stray dog. She wanted her to find a forever home so she decided to visit the local shelter. What actually happened was not even expected by her. She saw about 75 hopeless dogs who were wagging their tail at her. So, she decided to adopt them all. She found out that if there were not rescued by anyone, they are scheduled to die after a few days, this made her decision stronger and she adopted 75 dogs.

[I] saw these dogs crying and looking at me like [they were] asking for help,” Herrera told iHeartDogs. “I asked the staff and [they] told me they were going to kill them that coming Friday.

She shared her story on Facebook which caught peoples attention. Cher has been successful in getting the dogs adopted and also. treatment for trauma.

“I really want to save all dogs from the pound and see if they have family, or look for people that can adopt them,” she said. “I also want to make some program to educate people how to properly take care of their dogs.”

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