Wiz Khalifa in his statement clearly says that punishing Nurmagonodov for attacking Conor coach will be the height of hypocrisy  It was just a fight between the two fighters. We got the rapper LAX on Sunday. He was still hyped for the incident of UFC 229 insanity. Khabib smoking Conor was a mere show of insanity Khabib smoking the Conor and then sparking the massive post-fight brawl. As per the report of Dillion Danis.


As per the opinion of Wiz, he says that if Conor didn’t get punished for the bus attack of Barclay’s center back then khabib’s attack on Conor is also just a mere fight between the two great fighters of the arena. However, he does think that one thing has to change this would be the level of trash talking which takes place between the two fighters.

Wiz in his statement also reminded that it is also the responsibility of the UFC to handle on such situation.  From such a statement, it sounds that post-fight brawl will be inevitable due to the things which have been laid up in UFC 229. Just you need to say that Convo he had higher priorities.

Thus the entire debate between these two fighters seems to be very much chocking in nature as the incident took the shape of a very high voltage incident between the two fighters. Just you need to cross check the facts which can help you to go a step closer to the truth of the fact.

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Hence the entire incident took a very raw shape in the eyes of the entire mob who were present in the ring when this incident had taken place or has taken a different shape as per the new statement was given by WIZ. This can make things worse if a proper judgmental decision is not taken by UFC.

Source: tmz.com, thebeatdfw.com