Aging can be very scary but it’s a part of life that you cannot avoid. But you can, however, get rid of wrinkles, gray hair, and saggy skin through plastic surgery.

It seems like celebrities are ruling the plastic surgery world. That’s because physical and facial beauty is a part of their career. That’s why most of them have opted for plastic surgery.

So, with the help of AI, I decided to find out what these 21 celebrities would look like with no plastic surgery.

Cher, 75 Years Old

Dolly Parton, 75 Years Old

Donatella Versace, 66 Years Old

Jocelyn Wildenstein, 81 Years Old

Mickey Rourke, 68 Years Old

Goldie Hawn, 75 Years Old

Madonna, 63 Years Old

Priscila Presley, 76 Years Old

Melanie Griffith, 64 Years Old

Joan Rivers, Died At The Age Of 81 Years Old

Amanda Lepore, 53 Years Old

Carla Bruni, 53 Years

Daryl Hannah, 60 Years Old

Joan Van Ark, 78 Years Old

Barry Manilow, 78 Years

Gretchen (Brazilian Celebrity), 62 Years Old

John Travolta, 67 Years Old

Demi Moore, 58 Years Old

Lisa Rinna, 58 Year Old

Burt Reynolds, Died At The Age Of 82

Britney Spears, 39 Years Old

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