There are some things we wish our dogs would just quit doing, such as tipping the trash can or annihilating our pillows. Similarly, there are some things we wish our dogs should improve such as not ignoring our commands and not pulling on the leash.

But, when did the last time you ever stopped to give your dog acknowledgment and appreciation for the huge number of things it gets right each day?

Unfortunately, we’re snappy to address our dogs when they make mistakes, which implies that we regularly pass up recognizing the many right decisions they make as they explore our reality. This leaves a praise vacuum. Dogs get consideration from us when they do an inappropriate thing, however, their day by day good attributes go unrecognized. We should try and appreciate our dogs more for the positive behaviors they do. Your dogs need appreciation! You need to focus on the good behaviors they do, and positively reinforce that behavior.

In this article, we are delighted to show some dogs that are being appreciated and acknowledged for their good deeds. Scroll below and see!

#1 “Happy birthday to the fluffiest boy, Mowgli!”

#2 A complete family photo!

#3 This sweet dogo know sharing is caring and is happy to share his bed, even with a cat!

#4 “He loves his portrait.”

#5 The most gentlest way of eating

#6 “It’s Friday!! Pawtyyy time!!”

#7 Shopping is her favorite hobby!

#8 “A wise good boy at heart.”

#9 “Move over, kids, it’s my turn on the swings!”

#10 “Boomer, also known as Vincent Van Dog”

#11 Yet again, the dog steals the show!

#12 “Don’t freak out hooman, we just had a mud bath!!”

#13 Let’s cuddle and celebrate our brotherhood!

#14 “Hi, we’re all excellent boys!”

#15 This is a dog sign-language for “love”

#16 The kind of positive reinforcements every dog needs!

#17 “I present to you, a really proud ’avo-doggo’.”

#18 “I’m so sneaky, you’ll never find me.”

#19 Hey hooman, I got you a flower!

#20 “Feed me, human! Pretty please?”

#21 I would risk anything for those chicken nuggets!

#22 What I actually mean when I say I will have only “one slice” of pizza.

#23 “Charlie totally aced his report card.”

#24 “A skater (good) boy”

#25 “Ramsey’s new favourite toy is Nemo”

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