A floating pipe that measures 2,000 foot and is nicknamed as Wilson will start its mission to gather all the plastic dumped into the Pacific ocean.

Source: dailymail

The foundation of Ocean Cleanup launched the first ocean cleanup system in the world last month. The plastic clean up system will range out of San Francisco, and it will take on the notorious “Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a huge floating pile of trash dumped located between Hawaii and San Francisco which is twice the size of Texas. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the largest ocean pile of trash on Earth.

The pipe will arrive at its destination in the ocean Tuesday, and with this, the cleanup process of the ocean will begin according to the spokesperson of the company.

Source: dailymail

The pipe is U-shaped and it sports a 3-meter deep net underneath that will trap the plastic waste that floats under the surface of the water. The company has also decided to use to a boat that will return to the spot once in every two months to remove the debris. Wilson is like a garbage truck for oceans. The goal of this venture is to recycle the plastic and create new products.

There are around 150 million tons of plastic in the oceans, and it is expected that the number will only get tripled by the end of the next decade. This kind of disposal of trash is predicted to have real-life implications for climate change, the preserve and protect the sea life and many industries like tourism and fishing. The plastic can also affect the health of human being as this plastic waste ends up in the food we eat.

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The Chief Executive Officer and founder of Ocean Cleanup Boyan Slat said that the plastic is going to be there for a year and it will still be there in ten years.

Source: dailymail

Wilson collects the trash in the middle portion of the U-shaped pipe till the garbage boat comes up to collect it.