Singleton Snowfall season 3

At the age of 51, John Singleton dies after being taken off life support. He was not only an iconic director who executive produced, co-created and directed the FX’s drama series Snowfall. After Singleton’s death, the cast and crew members have decided to continue the show’s filming to honour his memory with Snowfall Season 3.

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What was Singleton’s cause of death? How will it affect Snowfall season 3?

Singleton was hospitalized few days back after complications of a stroke. The cast members were working in an emotional episode when they got to know about the director’s death. The team was in the middle of a somber and emotional scene.

Jon Singleton death Snowfall

Executive producer, Trevor Engelson reported that the Snowfall season 3 filming will continue in the memory of the late director. The show’s cast has to move on and Singleton would have asked for the same. The late director was amazing at his job. He was often heard saying,

Use that real-life emotion in your performance.

Engelson added that he was a hands-on executive producer. Singleton used to be everywhere and put his stamp on everything. He had been directing the finale of Snowfall till now. He also had to direct the third season’s finale. But he took a step back on after Emmett Till movie produced by Steven Spielberg.

Singleton Snowfall season 3

Singleton has suggested Sunu Gonera for directing Season 3’s finale. But there was a change in the movie’s schedule to work more on the budget. Still, Singleton did not reclaim his role and wanted Gonera to continue directing the finale. Snowfall season 3 is all set for a summer release. The show is about the crack epidemic of 1980s in Los Angeles and follows different characters on a violent collision course.