The National Broadband Network which was a poster child of the Government for lease of high speed internet to the masses is facing tough times. The advent of new technological advancements in the field of wireless communication may jeopardize its existence.

The new super-fast 5G network which will be launched next year and due to be completely widespread by 2020 will be the only mobile technology that will be comparable in speed and capacity to broadband network.

Rod Sims who is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Chair said that mobile high speed services may become a substitute for the broadband network. NBN has also asked for a tax on the 5G mobile network to lessen the competition in the market.

Mobile network in Australia is capable of providing data download speeds up to 20 MB/Sec, but the actual connection speed is way lower due to congestion and uneven distribution.

The cost of 5G Network will be substantially higher than the NBN and also the amount of data offered to the customers. But as the coverage area of 5G network is smaller than the previous Network Services as 4G and earlier generations, they will have to spend more in the base stations so that it matches upto the required coverage provided by its earlier generations.

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Due to this factor 5G may be constricted to the urban areas and not be fully implemented all over the continent. Never the less it is the biggest rival to NBN in the next 2 years and the Australian consumers are going to enjoy a high speed network battle royal between these two with lots of benefits coming their way.

The NBN Network still dominated the overall Australian consumer market with 97% percent of total users on its mobile or broadband network. Still there is a much better future for the consumers that is about to enrol in the coming years.


Source, Daily Telegraph