Have you ever seen a Bison crossing a road in its designated crossing area? We know it’s not huge but it’s something that people usually do not see. And if you have also never seen a Bison crossing a road, you are going to see one today. Yay!

This amazing picture was captured by a talented Canadian wildlife photographer Tim Osborne. The picture was taken in late December when he was driving near Elk Island National Park. 

“Nice to see that the Parks Canada staff have successfully trained the bison to use their marked crossings!” Osborne wrote while posting the picture. He further explains “I certainly don’t mess around when it comes to something like the bison. They seem pretty tame, but I wouldn’t want to get on their bad side.”

Scroll down to see the pictures. 

Canadian wildlife photographer Tim Osborne captured the perfect picture of a bison following the rules—crossing the road near a “bison crossing” sign at Elk Island National Park. Here are more photos he took of the majestic creature.