Wild bear lunges at a woman in Romania

A video from Romania, a country renowned for its hefty bear population, went viral after a young lady’s stupid stunt. The Carpathian mountains are home to some 7,000 brown bears, making them a fairly common sight, with a regular encounter with the population resulting in multiple deaths and injuries every year. Despite that, this woman wanted a photo with one.

The Incident with the Wild Bear

As you can probably imagine, this woman, who we’ll call Maria, didn’t have much success with her photo opp.

Obviously, she got a pretty intense clip, but it’s not really the Instagram photo she was probably hoping for.

Basically, at the start of the video, you’ve got the bear on the side of the road, Maria standing beside it, and a few other locals talking about her stupidity. As soon as the bear approaches and she’s come too close, he immediately lunges at her!

Wild bear lunges at a woman in Romania

It’s pretty clear from the video that the bear wasn’t trying to actually attack her, but it was telling her, to ‘back off,’ in no uncertain terms. From there, Maria runs for her life back to safety and the bear stands there looking like it doesn’t care about anyone else who might want to take a photo with it.

After Maria clears off, the viewers can be heard saying, “Can you see how stupid she is? Go into the car. All that risk for a picture with a bear?”

The Romanian Minister for the Environment has said, “The bear is a wild animal protected by law, not a pet. I say once again to the citizens of this country: a bear which has tasted biscuits, wafers, and feels that he can get his food in this way, will never be able to adapt to the forest again.”

Have a look at the incident:

Final thought: It’s never a good idea to mess with nature, especially an animal who is known to be the smartest and most aggressive in the world. Unlike this incident, things can go wrong on a whole different path (sometimes resulting in uncalled deaths).