According to some tales and researches, it is believed that women who experience heartburn during their pregnancy are likely to deliver babies with hair on their head. While this is questionable, but either they are born with or without hair, they are equally precious. It is believed that the hormone change in women during pregnancy can lead to a baby born with or without hair on their head.

However, there is no clear evidence to confirm this. So, Hiptoro was curious to know what could lead to such conditions. And, in an attempt to reach a conclusion we are trying to find some answers.

A newborn’s hair may look different when they’re older.

A baby is born with all its hair follicles. Although a child’s hair can have a resemblance to the kind of hair they might have in their older age.

Genetics may play a role in this.

There is no 100% true, but scientist believes that DNA and genes have a lot to do with the fact that a child is born with hair or without it.

It could be due to maternal hormones.

The hormones level inside the womb is very high. This might have something to do with your child’s hair condition.

Bald babies aren’t necessarily lacking nutrients.

Some parents who think that the child is born with no hair lacks nutrition. But as a fact, this is not true.

Babies having hair loss is normal.