Whoopi Goldberg, a former actress who is now a TV host, is known for being outspoken on her daytime talk show, The View. Recently, though, she has been making waves online for something completely different: her habit of passing gas during broadcasts.

The winner of the EGOT made a small mistake not long after the episode of The View began, which made her have to change what she was going to say. On Wednesday morning’s show, the comedian seemed to accidentally but loudly rip one out. This made the other hosts laugh out loud, and fans were still shocked.


When Whoopi Goldberg Let It Go

Whoopi Goldberg

When her body made her co-hosts and the audience uncomfortable, the moderator felt awkward. During a monologue, The Sister Act actress did something embarrassing that everyone in the studio noticed. The crowd laughed out loud at this. People watching from home quickly asked on Twitter if Whoopi Goldberg had f*rted during the show.

Whoopi told them that the loud noise was “gas,” which confirmed what they already thought.

That was gas.

Not too long ago, a loud noise that sounded like a f*rt cut into the hosts’ show. When Sara Haines suddenly got up in the middle of a segment, she let out a loud f*rt, which made Alyssa Farah Griffin laugh nervously as she tried to keep talking.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg was the one who got in trouble. No one knows for sure if she actually f*rted or just burped. But it makes sense to point at Goldberg since this happened briefly on the same show with the same people there.


Whoopi Goldberg Is Unapologetic

Fans aren’t the only ones who have questions about why she f*rted. Medical experts also try to figure out why Whoopi Goldberg has had too many “f*rt accidents” on her live talk show. A source says that her gassy episodes are likely caused by her bad diet and sciatica.

Whoopi Goldberg

Even though Whoopi Goldberg’s co-hosts laughed it off again, a source says the women aren’t happy with Goldberg’s behavior on set. “It’s been going on for a while,” the source says.

It’s been an issue for a while. The ladies will be talking about a serious subject on air when, poof, they hear a sudden noise and they’re assailed by a foul smell. It always seems to come from Whoopi’s end of the table, although she refuses to acknowledge she dealt it!

It’s important to remember that “f*rt-gate” was the name the internet gave to an incident in 2014 that involved a flatulence sound. Whoopi Goldberg said after the fact that she wasn’t to blame for the noise that happened during a heated argument the day before.

Still, Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t seem to be sorry and is fine with how her audience and fans react. Goldberg has always been known for saying what she thinks, and she won’t hold back any f*rts either.