Welcome back to our post, animal-lovers!

You might have read a lot of stories of sweet humans offering unconditional support to their pets. And today, we have brought something similar for you. But our story is not about humans offering support but adorable pets giving support to their humans. Yes, you have read that absolutely right! 

Our cute furballs not just fill our lives with love and paw-sitivity but have also got our back. No matter how innocent pets look, they never hesitate to rescue us whenever we need them. And sometimes, simply their presence lightens up our mood and day. That’s why we love them so freaking much. 

These cuties know exactly when life is throwing lemon at us and they are ready to make lemonade. If you also want to see how pets support their hoomans, keep scrolling. Some of these pictures are actually very emotional.

1. This kitty won’t let go of its hooman in this old age. Its always there for moral support.

“Good thing Mom has Milly around to help with all the things”

2. This doggo knows those puppy eyes can heal all the pain!

“He usually sleeps at my feet. But when I’m sad or not feeling well, he comes up to me and looks at me with his big brown eyes.”

3. Look at him being sad with his hooman! Such an empathetic doggo!

“I pretended to be in a good mood and my dog was happy with me. And then I pretended to cry and he brought me a toy to make me feel better.”

4. Look at this kind doggo-helper!

“My girl brought me a pencil while I was drawing — looking super cute while doing it too.”

5.We need more people like this doggo in our life who cares so much about how the other is feeling in a joined activity.

“My dog likes to check on me to make sure I’m still having a good time on our walk.”

6. Best feeling ever is when a previously abused animal starts trusting you!

“Rescued this sweet boy from the shelter on my birthday. He did not like people, as he was abused before. He spent a week hiding under the bed and another week not letting me touch him, and look what he did today. My heart feels so full!”

7. This kitty is definitely a keeper! It understands!

Some cats bring back dead animals as a gift for their owners. Jim brings back stolen baked goods. We were made for each other.”

8. This is too wholesome! That lil scared doggo doesn’t want its hooman’s feet to be cold!

“My foster dog, Max, is too scared to let me touch him but makes sure I’m taken care of.”

9. This kind doggo wanna share his treasure with the hooman!

“I heard a light knock on my door and went to answer it and it was my landlord’s dog bringing me a stick.”

10. This hare is not letting go of its savior!

“I was mowing the grass and I found this hare. My grandma fed him and they had a connection. When she cooks, he’s near. When she watches TV, he’s on her lap. They even sleep together.”

11. We need this kind of support in our lives!

“Cat waits outside every morning to be with the kid while he waits for the bus.”

12. Making the mornings 100x times better like!

“My old girl loves to come say hi in the morning.”

13. At least Mowgli put in so much effort! Those puppy eyes would make our worst day a better one!

“I was crying at 2 am when Mowgli jumped into my bed. He tried to console me by licking my face, snuggling up next to me, and bringing me one of his bones. But nothing helped…”

14. Jack likes to greet everyone equally and especially! This doogo is such a good host!

“Every person that comes to our place is greeted by Jack with his toy. And if he can’t find the toy, he gets really worried about it.”

15. This cat is putting down its foot-or more like a nose! Give that kitty some attention!

“I was doing some work late at night and my cat did this.”

16. Doggo does the special act of wagging tail for hooman only!

“My dog wags her tail when I look at her and stops wagging it when I don’t.”

17. This little wet chicken is too adorable and gorgeous for words!

“Here’s my little wet chicken, Gilbert. He likes getting angry at fingers and serenading to feet. He’s the best thing to ever happen to me.”

18. Find us someone who will look at us the way this doggo is looking at momma!

“After a lifelong phobia of dogs, my mum seems to be getting over it. This is how her and my dog look at each other”

19. Cats who grow old with you.

“Meet Miss Cleo. She’s 19 years old and has been with me for most of my adult life.”

20. Look at this sleeping beauty!

“I’ve waited nearly 2 years for her. Today, I finally met my Maple.”

21. We can already see them being the next Batman and Robin!