What did we do to deserve such great friends? 

Do you sometimes sit and wonder, what you actually did to deserve your pet? Even after scolding then, they come wagging their tail to please you. The amount of love they get from us is just 1/4 of what we get in return from them. We fall sick, and they are there to look after. We are upset and they are already planning something to cheer us up. The love and affection that we receive from them is very less in what we do for them. Below we have shared some heart touching moment that we came across on the Internet which would win your heart 100%.

#1 The owner was injured in a fall.

#2 This doggo saved his owner from freezing.

#3 Cuddles make everyone feel better.

#4 Pets taking care of their owner.

#5 The doggo knows his parent is pregnant.

#6 This doggo is here to support his hooman.

#7 That baby has two fathers.

#8 ‘I’ll keep you warm and snug after you saved me.’

#9 A surprise birthday for the father.

#10 Watching TV with your best bud.

#11 ‘Take my paw and you’ll feel better.’

#12 ‘Do you want my toy?’

#13 ‘This will make you feel better.’

#14 We will keep you safe.

#15 The baby is so happy.

#16 Someone to raise the spirits at the ICU.

Meet Eddie, the Hospital Therapy Dog who is always carrying around his bookbag of toys and can always be found in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

#17 The baby is not too sure about this one.

#18 ‘Is it alright if I sit here?’

#19 ‘I will always be there for you.’

#20 That smile is everything.

#21 ‘I know I hurt you but when will you come back from the hospital?’

#22 ‘We will not let you move.’

#23 ‘I will stand guard while you use the bathroom.’

#24 The sick grandmother is going to be all healed now.

#25 ‘Don’t say goodbye.’

#26 The two best nurses ever.

#27 Is this calming you down?

#28 You will get all better because you have me.

#29 You don’t need a blanket.

#30 When your bae won’t let your arm go.

#31 Tell me what ails you.

#32 We will all nap together.

#33 I will protect you from everything little hooman.

#34 You will not kiss my love.

#35 Going to the dentist just got a little less scary.