Do you know what pure and unconditional love is? It’s something that your dog feels for you when he sees you coming home after a long day. It’s something that you feel for your furry friend each time you forgive him for his mistakes. And it’s something that you both feel for each other when you are sitting, doing nothing, and still want to spend more time with each other.

The bond that we share with our furry friends is something that we cannot compare with anything else. Why? Because even when our closest friends leave us, when we don’t feel good or when no one really cares about us, these angels wrapped in fur stay by our side. Josh Billings once said ‘A Dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself’. 

Their aura and vibe are so joyful that we instantly start to feel good as soon as we meet them. And surprisingly, the love of our dogs is not just limited to us as they are capable of loving anything and everything. And whenever we see them being lovey-dovey, we can’t help but get one step closer to them.

If you want to see how selfless and innocent dogs are, just keep scrolling.

1. Wait, did he know that his picture is being taken for the report card?

Well, he seems pretty excited anyway!

2. Dogs and birds can’t be friends!

You’re wrong!!! We don’t believe so.

3. A dog is not only a man’s best friend…


Cats love their big brother.

4. 3 lbs weight, infinite love.

Who would ever say no to THAT face?

5. You’re doing it wrong son!

Somebody catch the bear…and leave the dog out of it *humph*

6. *Whistles*

That is one (VERY) handsome looking dog.

7. That’s an absolute unit of beauty.

Dogs come with surprises sometimes. And we love it.

8. Someone knows his math.

That expression though!

9. Sibling rescue stories are our favorite.

So precious, both of them.

10. Even when the dog sleeps at night…

It still cares.

11. ‘Hey, Look at me!’

That’s okay, they can be a little dumb too but it’s still adorable AF.

Yes, they can act a little dumb sometimes but that’s ok because we will love then anyway, right? If you loved seeing these pictures, just keep scrolling because there are more dogs who are ready to steal your heart.

12. BRACE YOURSELF for the cutest video on the internet today

Tell us this wasn’t the cutest hop you’ve ever witnessed.

13. Dogs can bond with almost anything

Even if it’s just a bag hanging on a chair…

14. The dog has chosen!!!

We can’t say no to that. EVER

15. He’s wagging his tail…

But what’s so interesting on the TV?!!

16. This. Moment. Is. Incredibly. Precious!

But can’t wait to see when this cat becomes the boss.

17. Well, the dogs would like to disagree.

You see, they are still committed.

18. We can all relate to this.

We’re sure as hell the dog must’ve liked it too.

19. Anything is fair in love and war.

The smile says it all.

20. Wait, What do you mean?

OOOHHHHH, we failed to notice too.

21. Special love from special dogs…

Never dies.

22. Good job Wilson, You’re doing great.

That is so pure. *cries in the corner*

Now you know your dogs are capable of showing their enormous and unconditional love on others as well. If you like it, it’s good. But if you can’t have their unconditional love all the time, run. But your furry friend will definitely chase you down lick your face just to tell you they are in LOVE with you.