Cats deserve some love as well.

Cats, well, when we think of these cuties, we can only imagine the destruction that they are capable of causing. And we are not wrong. After all, cats are infamous for being complete a**holes. Since cats love to mess with things and drive their owners crazy, we can’t trust them.

But one thing that we have to admit is that even cats have a sweet side and even they need love. Surely, these fur babies have a bad reputation but we should not blame them because it’s what they are. 

If you want to see some adorable pictures of cats, scroll down. 

#1 The kitten is now her child.

#2 How could she be considered ugly?

#3 That is the look of pure gratitude.

#4 Awe, everyone deserves love no matter what.

#5 Never separate a cat and his owner.

#6 That cat is very disappointed in you.

#7 You never come from the rescue empty-handed.

#8 ‘Are we sure dad?’

#9 Still the same grumpy cat.

#10 Scarlett is a phoenix rising from the ashes.

#11 Well, carpets are very fluffy and comfortable.

#12 I think they love each other.

#13 This is true love right here.

#14 How could your roommate leave this fur baby alone?

#15 He wants all the belly rubs!

#16 Everyone is not a cat person until they get a cat.

#17 He wants you to be happy.

#18 She has chosen you.

#19 Basically a love that lasts forever.

#20 How could anyone not say hello?

#21 Kittens can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

#22 Th cat has accepted the child.

#23 Pixar deserves all the treats in the world.

#24 When your cat tries to help you work.

#25 All the fur is grown out and his anxiety is gone as well.

#26 Tail or no tail, this is adorable.

#27 A better story than Romeo and Juliet.

#28 Nobody likes going to the doctor.

#29 Forts can make anyone feel safe.

#30 Too playful? How can that be?

#31 By the looks of it, he will definitely keep the kitten.

#32 He wants some breakfast as well.

#33 I wouldn’t mind getting lost in this galaxy.

#34 Every wild cat should wear this.

#35 I am not surprised.