Who Is Tony Khan?

As CEO and owner of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and president of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tony Khan shapes the future of professional wrestling and football. Born in Illinois, he earned a degree in economics from the University of Illinois. Before starting his career in finance and consulting, in 2012 he joined his father’s companies, working closely with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham Football Club.

In 2018, Khan announced the formation of AEW, and in 2019 AEW held its first event, Double or Nothing, which drew a sold-out crowd and positive reviews. AEW has continued to grow and evolve, producing successful pay-per-view events and a weekly television show on TNT. Khan has assembled a talented roster of wrestlers known for high-energy shows, innovative storytelling and commitment to creative freedom.

As a businessman and sports executive, Khan played a key role in the business operations of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He developed a new practice facility and headquarters, and lead negotiations with the city and league over the team’s stadium. As a result, fan engagement improved and the team success on the field grew.

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In addition to the Jaguars, Khan co-owns the London-based Fulham Football Club and serves on the NFL’s Business Ventures Committee. He also makes contributions to various charitable organizations, particularly those focused on education and sports programs in Pakistan. Khan is a visionary leader, bringing new energy and excitement to professional wrestling and football.

Tony Khan’s impact on the world of Sports

Tony Khan leads All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and the Jacksonville Jaguars as a businessman and sports executive, leaving a significant impact on the world of sports. He brings an alternative to the long-established WWE through AEW, assembling a talented roster of wrestlers, giving them more creative freedom, resulting in high-energy, exciting shows that resonate with fans. Pushing boundaries and introducing new concepts are constant under Khan’s leadership.

On the Jacksonville Jaguars, Khan plays a vital role in developing a new practice facility and headquarters and negotiating the team’s stadium. Under his leadership, the team has improved fan engagement and success on the field.

Tony Khan’s Net Worth

Tony Khan’s net worth is $1 billion as of January 2023. He has accumulated his wealth primarily from his three ventures Jacksonville Jaguars, Fulham F.C. and AEW. Though his father has helped him guide, Khan has demonstrated his ability to successfully run a promotion. His ventures are expected to continue to grow and flourish in the future.

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Tony Khan holds multiple roles: President, Chief Executive, General Manager, and Executive Producer of All Elite Wrestling. Nick Khan serves as Co-CEO of WWE. No relation or resemblance exists between the two who share only the last name.