Samantha Rotunda is popularly known as WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt’s ex-wife. On August 24, 2023, the WWE community learned about the shocking news of Bray Wyatt’s death. The cause of his death was revealed to be a heart attack.

The 36-year-old WWE star was born Windham Rotunda but was widely known as Bray Wyatt due to his popularity in WWE. He was the son of Mike Rotunda, a WWE Hall of Famer, and the grandson of Blackjack Mulligan, a wrestling pro and football player. Wyatt was born on May 23, 1987, in the city of Brooksville, Florida.

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Bray Wyatt WWE

In 2009, Wyatt entered the professional wrestling arena by debuting in Florida Championship Wrestling. His fascinating journey in the industry included many renowned WWE events such as Smackdown and SummerSlam.

The sad news of Wyatt’s demise was officially announced by wrestler and Chief Content Officer of WWE, Triple H on X (formerly known as Twitter). He wrote,

“Just received a call from WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda who informed us of the tragic news that our WWE family member for life Windham Rotunda – also known as Bray Wyatt – unexpectedly passed earlier today. Our thoughts are with his family and we ask that everyone respect their privacy at this time.”

Let’s discuss a little about Bray Wyatt’s personal life.

Who Is Samantha Rotunda?

Samantha Rotunda is an estate broker from Florida. Samantha and Bray Wyatt had their first meeting in college. Their relationship quickly flourished and the couple got married in 2012. Later, Bray Wyatt and Samantha Rotunda were blessed with two kids: Kendyl, who was born in 2013, and Nicholas, who arrived in 2015.

After 5 years of marriage, Wyatt and Samantha chose to end their relationship in 2017 due to allegations that Wyatt had been unfaithful to his wife with a colleague from the WWE.

Eventually, Wyatt began a new chapter in his life with WWE announcer JoJo Offerman. The couple were blessed with a son, whose godfather was wrestler Braun Strowman, in May 2019. A daughter was brought into the world in May 2020. Afterward, the two lovebirds announced their engagement in 2022.

Bray Wyatt, Jojo Offerman

Outside the glare of his wrestling accomplishments and romances, Wyatt’s most cherished contribution remains his four children. Kendyl and Nicholas, with Samantha Rotunda. And Elayna and Hyrie with Jojo Offerman. His family will always keep close to the fondness and enthusiasm their father had for them.

According to reports, Samantha Rotunda is currently married to Dan Pixley, who works as a landscape laborer.

Samantha Rotunda husband