President Donald Trump’s tax cuts are under radar for being disproportionate. They have been helping the white American over the African and Latinos ones. This disparity is not only a question on the financial benefits, but it also reflects the longstanding racial inequality which has always prevailed in the USA.

Source:- Motherjones

Thanks to the Insitute of Taxation and Economic Policy whose anaylsis of $1.5 trillion tax cut brought us this finding. It has been found that even though the White American earn 77% of the total income of the States, they get 80% tax benefits. Whereas the African American get 5% of the tax benefits while they contribute 6% of the total income. For Latinos, the data comes to be 8% of the total income contribution, with just 7% of the total tax benefits. The data may look mere, but this is so much more in reality. In short, out of $218 billion tax cuts, the Latinos and the African American receive $32 billion combined.

Source- New York Times