Joker is undoubtedly one of the biggest movies of the year and is certain to win at least a couple of huge awards next year when 2019 will be reviewed. In fact, it might just be the most popular movie that DC has ever created. The movie is about the origins of Joker, one of the most iconic Batman villains of all time. Fans of the movie are now wondering as to when will it be available on Netflix so that they can watch it online once again!

Joker Movie 2019
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Let us take a closer look and try to answer that question.

When Will Joker be On Netflix and Other VOD Services?

Netflix is a content streaming giant which tries to ensure that all major movies get on to their platform, no matter what the price! Some of their big-budget acquisitions have been that of some of the Marvel movies before the Disney deal fell through and even FRIENDS, a TV show that millions of people around the world wanted on their platform. Hence, we can safely assume that somewhere down the line Joker might be on Netflix too.

Joker on Netflix
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Given that Netflix has a number of DC titles including Justice League and Wonder Woman, as well as the older Batman trio, it is no surprise that Joker will be listed on the platform sooner rather than later. In addition to Netflix, other VOD platforms such as DCUniverse might also allow you to watch the movie a few months from now!

Is Joker Setting up a Batman DCEU?

The Joker Joaquin Pheonix
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There’s a good chance that The Joker’s primary job was to set up a DC Universe where a number of Batman-related characters will be coming up in the days to follow. With Bruce Wayne and Thomas Wayne being featured prominently in Joker, we won’t be surprised if this is a plan for a Batman DCEU being setup right here!

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