The code arc main episode is all set to begin in Boruto episode 293. This article has all the deets. Read ahead at your own risk!

Spoilers ahead!
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a manga written by Masashi Kishimoto and Ukyō Kodachi. The manga follows Naruto and Hinata’s firstborn, Boruto Uzumaki, in his adventures. The older generation In Konoha has grown up, and the next generation is being trained to protect the city and its people. The manga got adapted into an anime animated by studio Pierrot. The anime has released 292 episodes; the next one is out now.

Boruto Episode 293
Fans criticized the animation for the previous chapter.

Boruto episode 293 release date and time. 

Boruto episode 293 will release on 26th March 2023. For worldwide fans, here is the time is given below.

  • 1:130 am, Pacific Daylight Time
  • 3:30 am, Central Daylight Time 
  • 4:30 am, Eastern Daylight Time 
  •  9:30 pm, British Summer Time 
  • 10:30 pm, Central European Summer Time
  • 2:00 pm, Indian Standard Time
  • 4:30 pm, Philippine Time 
  • 5:30 pm, Japan Standard Time 
  •  7:00 pm, Australian Central Daylight Time

Episode spoilers and preview 

The episode is titled “Farewell.” The episode showed Boruto lying dead and a fog affecting collecting around him. The studio further didn’t show anything else. The whole episode will be emotional for many fans.

The episode will also shed light on Kawaki.

Momoshiki predicted Boruto’s future and said that his blue eyes will take away everything from him.

In the previous episode, Momoshiki takes over Boruto’s body and fights Code. A fight between Boruto and Kawaki broke out when code took cover behind him. Momoshiki still attacks code with a compressed Rasengan. Amado repairs Kawaki’s arm, and this helps him to absorb that attack and save Code.

Naruto and Shikamaru intervene in time and save Kawaki. Boruto regains consciousness, and Kawaki asks if Boruto remembers their promise, and Boruto says yes. Naruto is blown away by Boruto’s wind release. Kawaki then attacks Boruto and kills him.

Fans can watch Boruto episode 293 on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, and VRV.

Is this the last episode?

Boruto episode 293 isn’t the last episode of the series, but it is going to be the only one for a long time. The series is going on a hiatus after this episode.