When This Dog Doesn’t Get Enough Attention, She Picks Up Random Objects

Stella, a golden retriever

Can you recall the naughtiest thing your dog has ever done? Apparently, I don’t have a dog but once my cousin’s golden retriever Molly peed all over my favorite shoes. I was so annoyed but when Molly looked at me with her innocent eyes, tilted head with flapping ears and wagging tail, I melted in a split second. How am I supposed to be mad at that cute little thing?

Their cuteness is what makes us go ‘awww’ when we look at their random photos. It’s not at all hard to understand what they actually want from you. Whether they want a belly rub or to be patted, they’ll act in a way that will compel you to give them whatever they want.

Let’s meet Stella, a golden retriever, who’s extremely adorable. She’s a genius when it comes to wanting all the attention. This golden retriever will win your attention by her creativity and ingenuity. Stella starts picking up things randomly when she wants you to pamper her so that she can draw your attention. Cute no?

Let’s check out her photo thread!











When Travis Zander, Molly’s owner, posted her photo with a box of Kellogs in her mouth, people over twitter went crazy. Every dog is so unique with its own quirky things.








Stella’s photos drew the attention of so many people. Ultimately, people ended up sharing their own dog’s thread. Stella made everyone’s day with her cute acts.

Dogs indeed make this world a better place. They are so precious. They are there to cheer you up when you feel blue. These furry friends bring ‘pawsitive’ vibes in our lives.



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