Special season 2 Netflix release date

Netflix has not confirmed the Special season 2 yet. The first season recently came to a conclusion on the streaming service. Here’s all you need to know about the show!


The comedy series first released on Netflix on 12 April. The story of Special is based on 2015 memoir of Ryan O’Connell titled “I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves”. The show features a fictional version of O’Connell who is gay and suffers from mild cerebral palsy. However, he doesn’t let anything stop him on his way of becoming a writer.

Will Special have another series?

Special season 2 Netflix release date

We have no news regarding Special season 2 on Netflix till now. However, it’s too soon to make any predictions at the moment. If the show gets green light by Netflix, then it could be out by next year or before that.

Who will be there in Special season 2’s cast?

The creator and lead star O’Connell is likely to be a part of the second season. Punam Patel (Kim) and Jessica Hecht (Karen) will also join him for another season.

Samantha Lee will be back as the thinking blog Eggwoke’s over-the-top editor. O’Connell works here. Jim Parsons may also make an appearance onscreen if the show returns.

What to expect in the second season of the series?


The show may return with more comedy-drama with Ryan on his path to achieve his dreams. Ryan is expected to write Awkward, his MTV series. The show will also cover the time he worked with Daytime Divas and Will & Grace.

If this is not the case, then O’Connell may diverge from his real life and take another path altogether.