WhatsApp Bug WhatsApp for AndroidA recently discovered WhatsApp Bug is causing the Beta users of WhatsApp great pain when it comes to replying to older messages. This bug affects the users of WhatsApp for Android (Beta) 2.19.27. Basically, this bug is causing the older replied messages to persist in subsequent conversations.

This WhatsApp bug was spotted by WABetaInfo and shared on Twitter. A number of Twitter users who were using this version of WhatsApp for Android had confirmed that they too are facing a similar issue. While this bug doesn’t really affect your day-to-day usage of WhatsApp, it causes irritation for the users.WhatsApp Bug 2.19.27 how to fix

In this WhatsApp bug, if you have replied to a message once, it will automatically appear the next time you start composing a message. Moreover, this bug persists even when you leave the chat window and return. Usually, when you have replied to a message once, it does not appear again. To reply to a message, one has to either long press it and select ‘reply’ or swipe it to reply.

In this bug, however, users have to perform no such action and the replied message continues to hang around. Reportedly, this bug affects regular one-on-one chats as well as group chats. This becomes irritating as well as confusing for the users!

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WhatsApp Bug WhatsApp for Android Beta 2.19.27

How to Fix this WhatsApp Bug?

WhatsApp was aware of this bug by the time it came into the limelight on social media. This WhatsApp Bug was reported earlier this week and WhatsApp has since released new updates which fix it. Three new WhatsApp for Android beta applications have since been launched. WhatsApp Bug Reply Feature Glitch

Users who update to any new WhatsApp for Android version (apart from 2.19.27) will not get this bug any longer. This WhatsApp glitch affects only the Beta users and not those users who are using the stable (main) version.