If you are wondering that you have a weird dog, you need to see these images shared on the subreddit/’What’s Wrong With Your Dog’. People put of images of their dogs acting weird and other viewers can totally relate to them.

#1 Dog On A Beach

#2 Such A Cute Dog

#3 The Face He Makes When He’s About To Bark

#4 When One Sits On The Wall, Obviously The Other Has To, Too

#5 It’s Called Love, Samantha

#6 What Now?

#7 Meet Loki. He Likes To People Watch

#8 Sniff Snoff (He Was Mid Yawn. I Used The iPhone 11 Zoom Out Feature, And Boom)

#9 Before Vet… After The Good Meds

#10 I Give You Bernard. No Discernible Reason To Do That, He’s Just Weird

#11 Apparently This Is More Comfortable Than The Bed I Bought Him

#12 Men And Women Fled In Horror, When The Creature Emerged From The Depths

#13 Shiba.exe Has Stopped Working

#14 My Mom Just Sent Me This Picture Of Her Dog Sleeping On The Couch

#15 I Just Want To Poop In Peace

#16 She Has A Weird Obsession With Rocks. This Is Her Collection

#17 He Did Something, Just Not Sure What That Something Is

#18 Dog Assembly Instructions Were Unclear

#19 Her Face When I Tell Her I Love Her

#20 Couldn’t Find Our Dog This Morning After Letting Her Out, Thought She Ran Away. Turns Out She Dug A Tunnel Under The Playhouse And Got Stuck Like This Trying To Get Back Out

#21 Enjoy This Slideshow Of Dexter, Who Doesn’t Understand His Legs

#22 This Is How He Insists Upon Sleeping

#23 He’s A Little Special

#24 This Happens Every Time We Make Apple Pie

#25 Doug Has More Leg Than He Knows What To Do With

#26 He Is Just Fine

#27 Gracie, Baby, Is That Really The Most Comfortable Way To Sleep?

#28 Our Dog Likes Sitting On Our Cast Iron

#29 I Went To Get My Dry Sheets And Found Him Like This

#30 Very Normal Car Ride