Being a dog is a tough job. After all, you gotta act nice and normal all of the time. And after acting normal, it’s natural to get exhausted and start malfunctioning. 

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Seeing the malfunctioning dogs, a subreddit r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog asked people to share the picture of their hilarious furry friend. You can scroll down to see what these cuties are up to.  

He Collected All Balls He Found In The House And Then Laid Like This For 10 Minutes

Right Now, I’m Looking For A Dog To Adopt. I Gave This Little Guy The “Sit” Command And He Sat Down Like This. I Think I Just Found My New Dog

This Is What I Come Home To Every Day

Before And After Playdate

Got A Live Feed Camera So I Could See What My Dogs Are Up To While I’m At Work

Not Sure Who Looks More Terrified

Made A Friend, Being Extremely Cool And Normal About It

Her Bowl Is In The Dishwasher

I Was Told She Played The Entire 9 Hours She Was At Daycare

It’s Just Her Face. She’s The Sweetest Dog Ever. But She Constantly Looks Disappointed In Us

My Favorite Pic Of My Pug. There Is No Hole In The Grass

After A Walk Through The Snow, Arlo Is Ready For Paris Fashion Week


When You Didn’t Expect Your Owner To Come Right Back Cause They Forgot Something

She Sits Like An Alien Spider

Life Takes Its Toll On Us All

Men And Women Fled In Horror When The Creature Emerged From The Depths

We Gave Him Some Meds For The Thunderstorms And He Turned Into A Dare Commercial


We Put Her Bowl On The Bottom Step So She Didn’t Have To Bend Down As Far To Eat From It…

He Breathed In While Licking His Nose And His Tongue Got Sucked Into His Nostrils A Little Bit

 This Is How He Sits

My Neighbor’s Dog Sits Like This Out The Second Story Window For Hours Every Day Just Vibing And Watching The World Go By

Uhhh… I Don’t Think That’s How You Do That

How Am I Supposed To Do My Work With This?

 He Haphazardly Looked For Birds In The Tree When We First Set It Up. I Instantly Felt Bad When I Played A Youtube Video Of Birds In The Forest And Put My Phone In The Branches. He Stared At It Like This For Hours

My Dog Was Sitting Like This While Being Fed With A Fork By Her Grandpa


My Little Beauty Queen

My Dog, Beak. This Is His Best Angle, Showcasing His Formidable Teef

Everyday Is A New Weird Thing With Her

So How Do I Look?

I’m Eating On The Couch And I Look Down And See This

Must Be Watching A Terrifying Horror Movie

I’d Say He Malfunctioned, But Honestly He Barely Functioned In The First Place