The White House comes out with plans to allow the sale of gasoline throughout the year with up to 15% ethanol, also known as E15.

This plan is expected to be announced later Tuesday. Corn farmers who have suffered loss because of the U.S.-China trade dispute are said to benefit from the President Donald Trump’s plan.

This plan would help to increase the corn prices higher and farmers’ profit. It may result in lowering the prices of gasoline, but refiners will have to pay the price if they are not able to blend ethanol.

Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at fuel price tracker GasBuddy said that they could approve this all day long, but Americans do not necessarily want it

Trump’s directive, however, would call out for reforms in the credit system.

As stated by Kloza of OPIS, everyone said that Trump’s announcement would do nothing to impact the gasoline and ethanol prices in the next 6 to 9 months. Also, he added that the winners are the lawyers for the moment.

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