Star Wars Day 2019 Celebration

Star Wars is among the most iconic film franchises of all times. With three movies in the original trilogy, three in the prequel trilogy and two in the new generation set so far, a total of 8 movies in this franchise have come out over the years. 4th of May marks Star Wars Day 2019 which will be celebrated by the fans of the series from across the world!

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Star Wars Day 2019 May the Fourth Be With You
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Let us take a closer look at why is this day celebrated and what it means to the fans:

Star Wars Day 2019: Why Is It Celebrated

This day is celebrated on the 4th of May every year as it resonates with the line “May the Force be with You.” Basically, when you say May the Fourth, it sounds a lot like May The Force – and hence the origins of this day.

Star Wars Day 2019 Revenge of the Fifth
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No one knows what year was this day first celebrated but it has since caught on and Star Wars Day 2019 is indeed a celebration of the joy that the series has brought for the fans. This day is more emotional for the fans because this year the last Star Wars movie is coming out.

Final Star Wars Movie to Come Out in 2019

The final movie in the Star Wars saga, ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, is all set to come out in December 2019. However, the hype has already begun!

Star Wars Day 2019 Rise of Skywalker
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Interestingly, the day after the Star Wars Day 2019 is known as Revenge of the Fifth.  This is another day created by the fans of the show who support the dark side of the force.