Sleep Apnoea is a sleep disorder. It can get potentially serious if ignored. In this disorder breathing starts and stops. This is on a continuous basis.

People usually fail to recognize if they are having the warnings of sleep apnoea or not. Therefore, this is a tricky condition.

Patients are not sure if their breathing sounds like that or not. Moreover, should they speak to a doctor or not.

Sleep Apnoea warnings: Why is it caused?

Sleep Apnoea is a condition in which the walls of the throat relax. This occurs during sleeping. Because of the relaxing of the walls the throat walls narrow. And breathing becomes really difficult. It is because of this narrowing.

Are you having sleep apnoea warnings?
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It often causes interrupted sleep. Therefore it also reduces the quality of life. Moreover, it makes the patient feel sleepy throughout the day.

One could be at the risk if he/she has breathing that sounds labored. However, this is only when the person sleeps.

Symptoms of this Sleep Apnoea

If while sleeping one sounds really straining to breathe, then it’s a warning. It can also be an early warning.

Are you having sleep apnoea warnings?
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Sometimes it is also caused because of the narrowed space of airway. This is in the throat. This, in turn, results in the patients struggling for breathing. Moreover, it can also result in the patient breathing louder. This, therefore, results in snoring. It can also be a symptom of sleep apnoea.

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What’s more, is that these Sleep Apnoea symptoms cannot be recognized by the patient himself/herself. These are usually spotted by a family member, partner or friend. It is done when they notice problems while the patient sleeps.

Patients can also experience sweating at night. There is often loud snoring. Moreover, this is interrupted by gasping or snorting.

Because of the interrupted breathing, patients may also wake up during the night.

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