GAPS diet stands for “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”. The theory says that if one eliminates some specific food items then it can be helpful in treating conditions that affect the brain. These conditions include autism and dyslexia. Whereas the food items that are not to be eaten are grains and sugar. Know more about this unique type of diet by scrolling down.

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GAPS diet

The notion that this diet follows is that the health of the gut is responsible for physical and mental health. Therefore, if one improves gut health, mental and physical health is improved as a result of it.

However, GAPS diet is not fully explored by the researchers. There are only limited evidence of this diet being healthy. Moreover, there are also various controversies related to this diet.

This type of diet has been invented by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. She says that poor nutrition is responsible for several neurological and psychological issues. McBride further adds that a leaky gut and increased intestinal permeability also is responsible for the same.

In this diet, food that is difficult for digestion is to be avoided. This is inclusive of the food items that destroy gut flora as well as lining.

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Conditions that are targeted by the diet

The GAPS diet is used by people to treat a list of psychological disorders. However, the diet was originally designed to treat autism.

The psychological conditions that can be targeted include dyslexia, autism, epilepsy, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Moreover, conditions like bipolar disorder are also cured by this diet. Behavioral conditions of depression is also a part of the list.

The initial aim of Dr. Campbell was to help children with the mood as well as behavioral disorders. But the diet is also used by adults to improve digestion problems.

There is so strong evidence to support the benefits of this diet. But it ceases people from eating processed foods. Therefore it is bound to have benefits. The diet also encourages people to eat more fruits and vegetables.

GAPS Diet: what is it?
Conditions targeted by GAPD diet
Source: Zoe Connor

This diet improves the gut health by eliminating artificial sweeteners. The diet supports consuming more fruits and vegetables. Therefore, one tends to get good supply of all the nutrients and vitamins. Thus the overall health of the body is nourished.

The stages

It is a six-stage diet in which items are added at each stage. The first stage starts with home-made bone broth, meat or fish that is boiled and well-cooked vegetables. It also includes purified water, ginger, and probiotics.

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In the second stage raw egg yolks, home-made ghee and fermented fish is added to the above list.

The third stage gets the addition of avocado, GAPS pancakes, and scrambled eggs. The eggs are to be made in ghee or duck fat. Probiotic supplements are also inclusive in this.

Stage four gets the addition of grilled or roasted meat and GAPS milkshake. It also includes GAPS bread and carrot juice. In stage five, cooked apple puree and raw vegetables are added. These include lettuce and cucumber. Moreover, pressed fruit juice is also a part of the list. The sixth stage gets the addition of raw fruits and honey.

GAPS Diet: what is it?
GAPS Diet: what is it?
Source: Forks over knife

Post this people move to full GAPS diet. This includes eggs, meat, fish and shellfish. Moreover, it has to consumed either fresh or frozen.

The full diet also includes fresh vegetables and fruits, garlic. Natural fats are also a part of it. This includes olive oil, ghee or coconut oil. Nuts and GAPS baked good also form a part of the list.

After six months of this diet, people can move to the reintroduction phase. This is the final stage of the diet and allows reintroducing certain food items.

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