El Nino, the infamous climate agitator was finally formed this week, as was announced on Thursday by the climate scientists. The Climate Prediction Center states in a statement that weak El Nino conditions are present. The Prediction center further states that these weak conditions are expected to proceed through the spring.

What is El Nino?

It is basically is the warming up of the surface of the Pacific Ocean in the eastern or central part. This, in turn, weakens the trade winds or they start blowing in the opposite direction.

The warming up of the ocean surface causes atmospheric circulation to shift. This shift, in turn, reduces the rainfall over countries like Australia and Indonesia.

El Nino forms, will it be a cause of tornado in US?
Changes in the movement of wind because of El Nino
Source: Discover Magazine

However, rainfall, as well as cyclone conditions, increase by several folds over the tropical part of the Pacific Ocean.

El Nino: The world all set to experience chaos

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El Nino is one of the biggest influencers of weather in not just the United States but also the entire world. Because of El Nino there is an unusually stormy weather across the west and south of the United States.

With the western coast of the United States being slammed with storms this very week, the changes are being related to the formation of El Nino.

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There is also forecast of wet weather throughout the nation for a couple of weeks or two. This also has been related to the formation of El Nino.

El Nino forms, will it be a cause of tornado in US?
Excessive rainfall in certain parts of United States
Source: Wired

According to some, the storms of this week are because of the funneling of water vapor to the West from the tropics.

However, the forecasters also state that there is no reliable way of predicting what these changes will mean. This is especially to the thunderstorm and tornado season of the spring.

According to them, since the strength of El Nino is weak therefore they aren’t anticipating significant or widespread global impacts.