Ah, the love story of Jack and Rose from Titanic was so romantic and amazing that we all wished to have a Jack in our lives ever since. We know they were just actors playing the fictional characters but they were more than just fictional characters for us. That’s why when Jack died of hypothermia, we cried.

And even after the movie ended, we wanted to know more about the real-life people portrayed by our favorite actors. If you also want to see them, keep scrolling because we have compiled 19 pictures of characters from James Cameron’s “Titanic” and how they look in real life. 

#1 James Cameron’s Titanic Drew Inspiration From Real Life Passengers, Such As The Unsinkable Molly Brown

#2 The Elderly On-Screen Couple Was Based On An Equally Loving Real-Life Marriage

#3 Close To 1,500 People Died That Night, Including The Captain And Many Of The Crew

#4 The Second Mate Survived The Titanic And Later Insisted On Improvements Of Passenger Ships

#5 Wallace Hartley And The Orchestra Truly Played To Calm The Passengers While The Ship Was Sinking

#6 Colonel Gracie Wrote A Book About His Experience, Which Is An Important Source Of Information On The Titanic’s Sinking

#7 Dramatization In The Movie May Have Ruined The First Mate’s Reputation If His Family Hadn’t Protested

#8 The Titanic’s Creator Went Down With The Ship And Was No Less Heroic Than The Captain In Real Life

#9 During The Disaster, A Countess Didn’t Shy Away From Helping Third-Class Passengers

#10 A Pregnant First-Class Passenger Survived The Sinking But Lost Her Husband

#11 Despite The Facts, The Movie Version Created A Villain Out Of The Director Of The Titanic’s Company

#12 An Overworked Radio Operator Missed The Warnings Of The Iceberg, But Stayed To Broadcast The Distress Signal Till The End

#13 A Surviving Junior Wireless Operator Gave Important Information About The Sinking

#14 One Of The Richest People In The World Died Onboard The Titanic

#15 A Member Of The Famous Guggenheim Family Died During The Titanic Disaster

#16 A Lookout On The Titanic Didn’t Have Proper Equipment To Spot The Iceberg

#17 A Lady Escaped In One Of The First Lifeboats Because They Still Believed The Ship Wouldn’t Fully Sink

#18 The Chief Officer Of The Titanic, Like Many Of The Crew, Perished With The Ship

#19 A Silver Medalist In Fencing Who Survived Had To Live With A Rumor That He Broke The “Women And Children First” Rule