The sinking of the Titanic is a tragedy which will never be forgotten. Most of your must-have watched the film and have sympathised with the characters. The movie released in 1997, and it git a re-release in 2017, celebrating 20 years of the film. It almost feels like that the incident took place yesterday. You do remember some characters from the movie. But today, we want you to know a little more about the real-life passengers who have an exact resemblance in the movie.

Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown, the lady that you remember for lending her son’s jacket to Jack in the movie for attending dinner with the aristocrats, was an actual passenger on the ship. She was an activist, a philanthropist and a public figure who always worked and stood by others. She was a great lady who had the courage to help others to get into the lifeboat. Margaret was awarded the National Order of the Legion of Honour for her work and was named “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.”

Captain Edward Smith

62-year-old Edward Smith was the commander of the ship. He was born to an ordinary family. He dropped out of school to serve in the Royal Naval Reserve. He was a very experienced commander of the White Star Line company. His 40 years of experience was enough to make his eligible for the job of commanding Titanic. Titanic captain declared in an interview that he could not “imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.”

Joseph Bruce Ismay was the chairman and head of the White Star Line company. The desire to beat his competitors, he built Titanic. It was his orders that the number of lifeboats was reduced on the ship. After he survived in the accident, he was demined by Britsh and American press and had to live a life full of shame.

Thomas Andrews

He was the constructor of the ship and as soon as the first crash took place, he knew it that Titanic will definitely sink.

William Murdoch

He was the first assistance to the captain on Titanic. He was the officer on duty the day the incident took place. Before he could inform the captain to change the direction of the ship, the first crash had already happened.

Frederick Fleet

The first person to spot the iceberg was Frederick Fleet.  Fleet told them that the lookout officers didn’t have binoculars, but if they had, he said, “We could have seen it (the iceberg) a bit sooner.”

Charles Lightoller

He was the second assistant to the captain. He jumped off the ship as soon as it started to sink. With 29 other men, he was on a lifeboat and told the people on board to maintain a balance for the ship to not sink. After he survived in the incidence, he gave much valuable advice for cruise safety to the industry.   His recommendations to the cruise safety were very helpful.

Archibald Gracie IV was a writer, an amateur historian, and he was a first-class passenger on the Titanic. When the collision happened, he helped Charles Lightoller put women and children into the lifeboats. After the ship sank, he rescued himself on an overturned boat. After he returned to New York, he started writing a book about his experience on the Titanic which became a valuable source of information for historians and researchers.

John “Jack” Phillips

Jack Phillips the wireless officer, did send SOS-signals till every last moment and did not survive the tragedy. Harold Bride, who worked with him, remembered that he was amazed by looking at Phillips doing his job when everyone around was in a panic. He said that he would never forget his work in his last minutes.

Ida and Isidor Straus

Ida and Isidor Straus were madly in love with each other. Like in the ending of the movie, this couple is shown lying on the bed holding each other. Isidor tried to put Ida on a lifeboat, but she refused. Ida said, “We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go.” The elderly couple was last seen standing arm in arm on the deck.

Wallace Hartley

Wallace Hartley was the head of the orchestra on the ship and after the crash with the iceberg, Hartley and other musicians wanted to keep the passengers calm, so they started playing music.