Wells Fargo & Co Rooting For Good Deeds To Gain Back Lawmakers’ confidence

Wells Fargo & Co is now prominent face for big banks behaving badly. And it was the need of the hour for the company to re-convince the lawmakers, that it is capable of much more than that.

Wells & Co have been quite modest with its lobbying efforts in the past. But in the last 18 months, Wells Fargo has hired 15 people in the Washington branch. Not only this, the bank is getting in touch with some big players whose Principals have worked with either President Donald Trump himself, financial regulators or some very powerful lawmakers. The players include Ogilvy and Federal Street Strategies. These all have been clarified by interviewed by Reuters.

Wells Fargo has expanded themselves to charity and have also been highlighting the millions of dollars it spend on its programs. The programs were dedicated primarly to homelessness, financial literacy and housing for veterans.

In a recent interview to Reuters, David Moskowitz said,

“We have a lot of projects in a lot of communities that we are proud of, and we do have those conversations with elected officials.”

Mr. Moskowitz is the head of government relations and public policy at the 4th largest U.S. lender.
Source- Reuters

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