Ever since pandemic has locked us inside our houses, we have started looking for ways to pass our time. While there are so many things that we can do, home renovation is our favorite. And why not? After all, when we see those amazing YouTube videos, we are blown away. 

But we don’t realise that everything that looks simple and beautiful on those YouTube videos are actually not easy. From tiny modification to renovating large pieces in our house, there are things that can go wrong. And if you want to see these renovation disasters, scroll down and have a look. 

When You Live In Svalbard, Norway And Forgot To Close The Window To The Home Office

What Happens When You’re Renovating And Remove A Load-Bearing Wall

 Spraying Weed Killer Instead Of Weed N Feed

DIY Fail

My Wife Said Measure The Door, I Told Her All Doors Are The Same Size…

Main Water Valve Was Not Shut Off For The Winter In A Cabin

 A Friend Sent Me This Picture Today

“Wife went to get the Christmas tree from the attic. Told her not to step on the drywall. She later admitted she didn’t know what drywall was”

Rude Awakening

The Little Nail That Could And Two Hammers That Couldn’t

It’s So Hot In Australia, Our Outdoor Lights Melted

Wife Bought A New Plant Pot And Put It On The Shelf Over The Toilet. And Hour Later We Heard A Crash…

Kitchen Cabinets Decided To Yeet Themselves At 4 In The Morning

Went Down To The Basement To Do Laundry…

Lockdown Renovations Look So Easy On Instagram

I Guess Plumbing Isn’t For Everyone

Time To Move, I Guess

A Storm Came Through. The Plastic Furniture Barely Moved But The Grill Blew 30 Ft Into The Pool

I Now Remember That Yesterday I Wanted A Cool Soda

My Fire Alarm Caught On Fire

Got Up In The Middle Of The Night To Get A Drink Of Water, And When I Opened The Fridge The Door Fell Off In My Hand

Friend Of Mine Posted This Photo Of The Job Site Today

When Your Cabinet Decides It’s Time To Break Lose And Come Crashing Down The Day You Install Your Brand New Glass Top Stove

Slipped In The Shower, Landed On The Toilet

110+ Mph Derecho Winds Impale House With Lawn Chair, Iowa 8/10

After Losing 1/3rd Of My Weight, I Finally Didn’t Feel Too Fat Anymore. The Toilet Disagreed

And The Job Went To The Lowest Bidder…

When Your One Piece Sink/Counter Randomly Explodes At 3am

I Think I’m Going To Need A Bigger Bucket

 Saw This On Fb With Someone Asking For A Contractor

Gravity Wins. But I Live To Trip Another Day

Someone In My Town Fell 30’ Down A Well Through The Floor Of Their House They Didn’t Know Existed. Literally A Well That Sucked

Governor Just Ordered All “Non Life Sustaining” Businesses To Close, Including Construction And Contractors. This Is The Current State Of My Only Bathroom…

Cabinet Fell Off The Wall While I Was Out. Handmade Dishes I’ve Collected From Little Shops And Farmers Markets Over The Years, Now Shattered. I Guess It’s Fine I Don’t Have Dishes Anymore, Since The Cabinet Knocked Open The Fridge Door, Ruining All My Food

We Got Our Doors Painted During A Remodel And The Painters Forgot To Put The Plastic Covering On The Ground

I Just Broke The Door Handle Of My Appartement And Cut Myself. I’m Also Locked In