It seems as 18 November is not a good date for English Football.
On 18 November, 1985 Joe Theissman suffered one of the deadliest leg injuries in the history of NFL. And in the year 2018, Alex Smith too suffered a brutal ankle injury, which will go down in the NFL history.

In the match between Washington and Texans on Sunday, Washington Quarter Back Alex Smith’s leg was completely toppled over by J J Watt of the opposite team during the sack. This snapped the ankle of Alex in half. It is much more painful than it sounds.

Source- The New York Times

The quarterback was immediately rushed back into the locker room. This was the first year for Alex Smith.

According to the Head Coach of Washington, Jay Gruden, Smith suffered a broken fibula and tibia and will stay off the ground for the entire season.

We wish Alex Smith a speedy recovery. Take care Champ!

Source- Daily Snark

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