Warington vs Galahad boxing match

Josh Warrington, the 28 years old IBF champion is about to have his second title match. The English boxer currently holds the IBG world featherweight championship belt. It should be noted that Warrington has not lost a single match in his career and maintains a 28-o winning streak.

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The challenger for the main event is none other than the 29 years old British boxer Kid Galahad. Even Kid Galahad maintains a 26-0 winning streak which makes the fight very interesting. Here are all the details about the Warrington vs Galahad boxing match and ways to stream it live online.

IBF World featherweight Title Match

Warington vs Galahad schedule The boxing match will decide who comes out to be the champion and also one of their streaks is going to be ended. One of the most awaited IBF fights will start on Sunday, June 15 at the First Direct Arena in Leeds. Warrington vs Galahad fight is expected to start after all the undercard fighters are done with their matches.

It will probably put the main fight to happen late in the night around 10.30 to 11 pm. Both of the fighters, Josh Warrington and Kid Galahad are excited and confident to win the boxing match.

How to Live Stream the Fight online? Date, Time and Channel

Warington vs Galahad watch online

None of the fans of International Boxing Federation (IBF) wants to miss a single second of the fight. Everyone is keen to watch the Warrington vs Galahad epic showdown live along with the whole world. All of the IBF fights will be live streamed on BT Sport 1 channel in the UK area.

While the event will start as early as 8 pm, the final fight will probably happen after 11 in the night. The US audience can live stream the IBF fights on box-live App and website.