Walmart Recall Baby Formula Perrigo

Around 23,388 baby formula containers sold have been recalled by Perrigo. These products that were sold exclusively at Walmart and have a potential presence of metal foreign matter.

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Walmart Recalls 23,000 Baby Formula Containers

The product is called “Parent’s Choice Advantage Infant Formula Milk-Based Power With Iron.” The containers contain 992 grams of the baby formula and weigh 35 ounces. The expiry date of the product is 26 February 2021 and has the Lot Code of C26EVFV.

Walmart Recall ALERT Baby Formula Perrigo
Credits: New York Daily News

All the consumers of the product are given a fair warning and must immediately stop using it. They can return the products to Walmart and get a refund for it. The consumers can clear their queries by contacting Perrigo Consumer Affairs at 866-629-6181.

This incident is not the first of its kind. Perrigo has recalled its products earlier as well. Sources reported that the pharmaceutical manufacturer recalled its infant ibuprofen pain reliever earlier in December. The product was available on Family Dollar, Walmart, and CVS. Not only this, the same incident happened with the company’s cough cherry and grape liquid for children in January 2016. The product’s dosage cup had incorrect dose markings which resulted in its recall.

Walmart Recall ALERT Baby Formula Perrigo
Credits: World Pice

Luther Perrigo founded the company in 1887 in rural Michigan. It is considered as a leading over-the-counter wellness and health solutions provider and empowers its customers by enhancing their well-being. It proactively treats and prevents conditions that can be self-managed.

Don’t forget to inform your family and friends about the product recall. You can easily claim the refund for the product.