Walmart Bringing in Interactive Content in JV with Eko


    Is there anything Walmart cannot do? Walmart and Eko are coming together with a major partnership. They are creating a JV for interactive contents which will be known as “W*E Interactive Ventures.”

    As per the current announcement, W*E Interactive Ventures will have diversified content. However, they have made it very clear that their primary focus will be on cooking shows and interactive toy catalogs. However, Eko CEO Yoni Bloch didn’t specified anything about the shows they will be creating. The only thing he made sure that the shows will be “free and distributed everywhere.”

    Another interesting announcement which Yoni Bloch made was that the content will be designed in such a way that the viewer will be the hero, and the key decision maker in the story.

    Walmart probably was not the best choice for such a partnership, but the company’s expansion into other digital media efforts like Vudu, might have pulled Eko for the JV. Bloch said,

    “Walmart has been an incredible partner, allowing us to have creative control, which we are passing on to the creators.”

    To which, Scott McCall, senior VP for entertainment, toys and seasonal at Walmart U.S. replied,

    “Our partnership with Eko will help us accelerate efforts to deepen relationships with customers and connect with new audiences in innovative ways and is one part of an overall entertainment ecosystem we’re building.”

    Source- Social Techcrunch

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