Valdimir Putin’s salary decreases by 50 percent in 2018

Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia. He is considered to be one of the most influential leaders of the world. This is because of the great power and possession that he holds.

The power comes because of his post. And with this post comes a huge sum of money. Because of this huge sum, he is often under the scrutinizing eyes of the critics. The critics along with the citizens show great interest in all his possessions. This is inclusive of the bottom line of his bank account statement. And according to reports, his salary in 2018 was almost 50 percent less. This is in comparison to what he had in 2017.

Vladimir Putin: Decrease in salary

Vladimir Putin received a salary of $134,000. This is according to public records. In Russian rubles, the amount is equal to ₽ 8.6 million.

This amount in itself is pretty huge. However, not so when taking into consideration what he earned in 2017.

In 2017, he had a salary of $291,000. This amount is equal to ₽18.7 million. Now, if you take into account the decrease, it is almost 50 percent.

Therefore, the salary of Vladimir Putin decreases by 50 percent in just a year.

Valdimir Putin’s salary decreases by 50 percent in 2018

The salary of $134,000 has various sources. These are the military pensions of the president, the saving interests. Moreover, the investments made by Putin is also added to reach to that big number.

Reasons for decline

However, according to Euro News, the camp of Putin has given explanations for this decrease. The camp accepts that the salary of Vladimir Putin was almost two folds more in 2017.

It says that this is because he sold a land property then. So, that amount was added to this huge total to make it even bigger.

Putin also owns two properties. This is apart from his monetary gains. One is a private apartment. It is located in Saint Petersburg.

It is 77 square meters and has 18 square meters of the garage. The other one is a bigger property. It is located in Moscow. This, the president uses for his official events. It is of about 153.7 square meters.

He also owns three cars. Out of these two are vintage. The third one is a Skif trailer.

Critics raise their doubts

Critics have raised doubts. This is on the numbers that the president presents as his possessions.

The CEO of Hermitage Capital Management says that Vladimir Putin has $200 billion of worth. This is what he has “bagged” as “ill gotten gains.”

Valdimir Putin's salary decreases by 50 percent
CEO of Hermitage Capital Management accuses Valdimir Putin
Source: Time Dot Com

Moreover, he further says that the amount is with the president for the past 17 years. William Browder further adds that all this money has been kept in the West by Putin.

This allegation was placed before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This was on FARA violations in 2017.