human-sized bat

The photos of a massive human-sized bat are going viral on social media and one must think that it is just a trick of photoshop. While we can’t believe most of the stuff we see on the internet, the viral pictures of the monster bats are real and the creatures indeed exist in our world.

Someone on Twitter recently shared a few pictures of human-sized bats and everyone thought they were fake, but to the contrary, it was real and has also been proven by the locals. The human-sized monster bats are as real as they get. Here are more details on the bat species, what they eat how scary the creatures can be to others.

The Viral Human-Sized Bat is Real

Someone from the Philippines replied to the original post and confirmed that the human-sized bats are indeed real and these creatures exist in the country. The Twitter user also said that the bats are not as big as they look in the photos, but they have a massive wingspan and they are of the size of a medium dog.

The human-sized bat eats fruits and that too guava mostly, and they are very gentle. However, another user commented that you better have a fruit basket ready for them, just in case the monster bats decided to attack you.

The Flying Fox Bats Details

The Flying Fox is the name of the bat species and they are not as big as they appear in the viral pictures, still, they are large enough to scare the most of us. While it is claimed that the Coronavirus outbreak originated from bats in China, it has made the monster bats scarier to everyone.

The Flying Fox has a wingspan of nearly 5 and a half foot and even Batman’s flying vehicle in Justice League is inspired by them. It has also been reported that the species shown in the pictures is Giant Golden-Crowned Flying-Fox which is currently in danger of extinction due to poachers.