Fans are hopeful that they’ll get to enjoy Vinland Saga Season 3 after the very successful run of Season 2. So is this popular anime by Makoto Yukimura renewed for a third season or not?

Vinland Saga has been adapted from a manga of the same name. Right now, Season 2 is airing. Both seasons have been highly appreciated and garnered huge ratings. The anime has been appreciated for its storyline and intricate characters. Hence it is understandable that fans want to watch Vinland Saga Season 3 as well.

 Vinland Saga Season 3 Spoilers
The series will take new twists in the third season

Vinland Saga Season 3 Possible Release Date

Vinland Saga Season 3 will release in 2024. Season 2 is currently on air and is likely to end in 2 months. It will easily require a year to finish all the production work associated with Vinland Saga Season 3

Where Can You Watch Vinland Saga Season 3?

There are two main ways to stream the series. The first way is to enjoy the episodes on Netflix (both subbed and dubbed episodes available) or Crunchyroll (subbed available, dubbed limited). Vinland Saga Season 3 is likely to release on both of these platforms.

See, right now, Season 2 hasn’t ended. So there’s no news about the status of the third season. But looking at the huge popularity of the anime, it is very likely that fans will enjoy one more season. All the previous seasons are available on Crunchyroll.

Why Vinland Saga Season 3 is likely to be renewed?

If we delve into the manga series then it comprises 200 chapters. Almost 191 of them have been composed in several volumes. Season 2 Episode 13 was adapted from Chapter 74. So that implies there are several chapters still remaining. Season 2 would not be able to cover all of that. Hence it is highly possible that we see  Vinland Saga Season 3 in near future.

How many episodes would be there in Vinland Saga Season 3?

Season 2 has a total of 24 episodes. The first one also had the same number of episodes. So we can assume that Season 3 will have a minimum of 24 episodes. But the episodes would surely be more since there’s a good amount of manga series left to be adapted.

Vinland Saga Season 3 Spoilers

There will be new characters, twists and turns in the third season. Season 2 Episode 13 ended when Arnheid’s past was uncovered. Garder, her husband runs away on a stolen horse. Canute’s army is approaching and Thorfinn will face another major battle. The spoilers for Season 3 can be deduced only when Season 2 concludes.

Meanwhile, check out the paradox opening of Season 2 released by Crunchyroll a few days ago.