Vikings Season 6

Vikings season 6 is going to be a mindboggling journey. It will smash TRP charts just like its characters smash heads of their enemies. Streaming on the History and Amazon Prime, the show takes its audience back to the era of Vikings. These warriors ruled the earth before central heating and expensive clothes.

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Vikings season 6: conquering lands

Vikings were brutal. They would kill anybody who would come in the middle of achieving their dreams. The army would go around conquering lands and chopping off heads of enemies who would interfere.

Vikings season 6: nature helped

Such a show for actors can be very difficult. But the makers got all the help from the nature that helped actors get into the skin of their characters. In an interview with media, director Ciaran Donnelly has spoken about the tragic scene in which Ragnar Lothbrok dies. Travis Fimmel is playing the character of Ragnar Lothbrok. Director Donnelly talks about the brutality of this scene.

One of the things that helped capture the true essence of the scene was nature. It rained heavily and it was really cold during the filming.

“But on a show like Vikings which is heavily location driven, that’s the world you’re in and you’re always encountering weather. We would have called it the mud and blood and s**t. It was almost always up to your knees in mud, but it makes it feel very real because it is real. He is out there suspended in a cage and thrown in a pit with snakes as you see it,” he told in an interview.

This bad weather helped have the right emotion in the scene. It impacted the scene very significantly. This dying scene was quite a moving one. Travis struggled a lot to do his scenes right and deliver his lines.