The Minnesota Vikings took a serious action on Monday night. The action was due to their consistent poor performance in offense and another loss to the Seattle Seahawks.  The Minnesota Vikings fired their coordinator John DE Filippo on Tuesday. Kevin Stefan ski who is the coach of the Quarterbacks will replace DE Filippo for the remaining period of the season.

The team hired the 40 year old at the start of the season because Pat Shummer left to New York giants as a head coach. DE Filippo in the past served for the Eagle’s Quarterbacks as a head coach. During his coaching period he trained Carson Wentz for two years.

Source: dailysnark

Vikings only manage to post a 300 yard run of offense against the Seahawks. They lost the match 21-7 to the Seahawks and ended up 2 out of ten.

Source: dailysnark, usa today

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