They say a dog is man’s most loyal friend.

Seems like this statement is for Mike Monahan and his dog Chico.

Chico was not originally Mike’s dog.

While growing up with a family in North America Mike met Chico. 

This is how Chico and Mike came across each other.

“It was really a committed relationship between Chico and I for a whole year, and on top of that, he saved my life,” Mike said to WCPO.

But Mike lives on carrying a feeling of guilt – leaving Chico behind.

To make amends for his guilt, Mike promised something…

…that he will save 50,000 dogs by paying for adoption fees.

Mike has had published several titles.

He wrote “Occupy Your Future,” “Your Future is Stick in Your Past,” “Seven Simple Truths,” “Row, Row Your Boat,” and “From the Jungle to the Boardroom,” which is his book about his experience in Vietnam.

This year, Mike started a Kickstarter campaign for “Chico’s Promise.”

He wrote on his Kickstarter campaign about the book:

“My dream is that millions of people will read Chico’s story, fall in love with him, become inspired, and join forces to improve the treatment of dogs by eliminating abuse and abandonment.”

It seems like Mike feels guilty about leaving Chico behind.

This way, Mike knows he is helping other dogs to have a forever home.

And that is something that Mike hopes to let go of when he publishes this book finally.