The much anticipated fight of the year was the one between Conor McGregor and Khabib. In the run up to the fight Conor was heard saying things, and this buildup of verbal abuse is not new to the game. It is precisely this verbal abuse that gets the hype and fans coming to the game.

There is speculation that Conor apologized to Khabib for having hurled verbal abuse at him before the match. The purported video suggests that Conor begged for mercy saying that all that he said was only ‘business’. The suggestions go on that Khabib sort of agrees with him. This reportedly happened in the third round. The fourth round ended the fight when Khabib got Conor into a vicious neck choke.

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The sport is all about building up hype without it appearing to be controversial. The theory doing the rounds is that Conor apologized under his breath for hurling verbal abuse before the match.  Considered that the match, was supposed to be one of the biggest matches in UFC history, it is reasonable to expect some kind of verbal exchanges to up the ante and buildup interest in the fight. The reports talk of how Conor urged Khabib with his plea while the referee managed to get Khabib off Conor. Khabib was also overheard as having agreed before letting go.

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There have been months of buildup and tension prior to the match between these two fighters. Conor had reportedly attacked the bus of Khabib and during the match,specifically in round two, it was reported that Khabib challenged Conor to talk, as he was knocked to the floor.  Responding to the comments of Conor, Khabib had reportedly claimed that he would maul Conor to the ground and that would be the time to see who would do the talking. Apparently Khabib seems to have got his pride hurt by those comments and it even saw him trying to lunge at Dillon Danis, the coach of Conor.

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He later on apologized for his behavior, hoping that he had not hurt the feelings of anyone with the jump that was not justified. On his part, Conor continued to keep the interest alive. This is probably the business part of it, but he kept the rumor mills working when he tweeted that they had lost the match, but that the war would continue. These words were enough to spark rumors that a rematch was on the cards.

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The game will continue, with the hype and verbal exchanges in continuous flow. This is what keeps the counters ticking. This is what keeps the money flowing into the game. And to be fair to all, if there is nothing underhand or forced happening behind the view of the spectators, then these exchanges and build up of tension, is not wrong. Despite the fact that it is only business, there is nothing ethically wrong in building suspense and hype. Of course, the fighters need to know when to slip in an apology before it goes out of hand, just like the way Conor did.