As the current season of Victoria is coming to an end, fans are anxious to know what will happen next in Victoria Season 4. Will there be another season or not? No official news has been announced by PBS or ITV yet.

Jenna Coleman starrer Victoria Season 4 won’t be confirmed till the time its UK viewing figures are released. The current season of the show will end in the era of 1850s. This leaves a major part of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s story yet to be revealed.

Will the fans get to see Victoria Season 4?

The show runner has previously talked about the show and has said that it will continue for few more seasons.

The showrunner has previously talked about the show and has said that Victoria will continue for a few more seasons. Creator Daisy Goodwin said,

We couldn’t do it after she dies, so I’ll say there’ll be five series.

Even if the show revolves around the relationship between Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, they could have another series. Prince Albert lived until 1861 and the present season ends in 1851.

Will Jenna Coleman be replaced in Victoria Season 4?

The ratings of the show have been falling since Season 2. This has raised several questions regarding the future of the show. However, the viewership improved enough during Season 3 to warrant a Victoria Season 4.

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What to expect in Victoria Season 4?

Since there is no confirmation regarding the show, there are no predictions about the plot of the next season as well.

However, as per predictions, Victoria Season 4 could possibly show the birth of the remaining babies of Queen Victoria. The series is set in the era of 1850s. So it could also feature Napoleon iii’s visit to the UK from 1855-1858.